Baby & Me Bangles:

Will the bangles fit me?

Baby & Me Bangles are “one size fits most.” The opening measures 2.5 inches across, which translates to a circumference of 7.85 (or about 7 14/16) inches. But don’t despair if your hand circumference* is greater than that. Our signature bangles have a gap, which allows the opening to be stretched wider. Our spacer bangles don’t have a gap, but they’re thin and lightweight, so they can be pressed into an oval shape and wriggled over wider hands.

* To measure the circumference of your hand, purse your fingers as if you were putting on a bangle, and wrap a soft tape measure around the widest part of your hand. You can also use a ribbon or strip of paper and then measure it with a ruler.

Can the bangles be used as teethers?

Yes. Baby & Me Bangles are made with food-grade polypropylene, the same type of plastic used for many Tupperware and Rubbermaid food storage containers. They’re BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free. It’s important to check bangles for damage, especially if your baby is a serious gnawer. Bangles with signs of damage should not be used as teethers. Do not leave bangles with children unattended.

What’s the suggested age range for Baby & Me Bangles?

Baby & Me Bangles are 0+ toys. They’re safe for infants, who enjoy grasping and gumming them. Parents can link the bangles to create a rattle or chain that can be attached to car seats, strollers, play gyms, or swings. Preschoolers enjoy the challenge of linking and separating the bangles themselves, an activity that builds fine motor skills.

How do I clean my bangles?

Rinse them in the sink, put them in the dishwasher, or kill two birds with one stone by wearing them during bath time. We’ve found they make excellent bath toys.


How do I put it together?

With two removable dividers, the Bumbox can be customized to have one, two, or three compartments. To create two compartments, attach the larger divider to the center velcro strips:

For three compartments, make sure the velcro strip on the center divider faces left. Then attach the smaller divider to the velcro strips on the center divider and lefthand wall of the Bumbox:

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