Charitable Partners

Wee Likey is proud to support organizations dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk children. Our charitable partners include:Home Start Inc. is a San Diego nonprofit dedicated to preventing child abuse. It offers a variety of services to strengthen at-risk families, from free therapy to in-home parent education to housing for homeless young moms. Wee Likey donates products to Home Start Thrift Boutique, which pours its profits into these programs. 100% of proceeds from the sale of Wee Likey products benefit Home Start. The shop also employs Home Start clients, teaching them sustainable job skills.

Home Start Thrift Boutique in San Diego’s Normal Heights neighborhood

Auction for Aspen is a fundraising drive in memory of Aspen Jayne, who died in April 2018 at just 7 months old. Wee Likey donates products to online auctions that raise money for Imani Milele Children, a nonprofit organization that serves orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda.

Auction for Baby Sean was created in March 2019 to raise money for the family of a little boy who died of leukemia just a month after his first birthday. Wee Likey donated products to the online auction.